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Services We Offer



  • Medical devices (manuals, software localization, marketing materials)
  • Instructions to patients, patient questionnaires
  • Hospital discharge reports, laboratory results, history reports
  • Information leaflets, website localization
  • Medical research
  • Medical evaluations (including psychiatric)
  • Medical articles

Clinical Trials/Pharmaceutical

  • Clinical Studies: extensive experience translating all clinical trial documents (clinical trial agreements, clinical protocols, informed consent, investigator brochures, patient guides,  information sheets & case report forms, patient questionnaires, patient reported outcomes, patient diaries and eDiaries, AE/SAE reports, IVRS recording scripts, study drug labels, regulatory documents and updates of regulatory drug marketing submissions, communication between regulatory authorities, study-specific marketing materials, clinical trial updates, and amendments.
  • SPCs, drug inserts and other regulatory documents

We can also handle patient recruitment and provide linguistic harmonization and validation.

Health Care & Insurance

  • Insurance plans
  • Insurance claims
  • Patient communication documents
  • Insurance investigation support
  • Professional presentations of health insurance plans and other group benefits in Polish


  • Dental websites, dental insurance plans
  • Satisfaction surveys for professional users of dental products
  • Marketing materials for dental products
  • Instructions for use


  • Medical equipment
  • Software localization
  • Safety instructions
  • Technical manuals
  • Technical specifications
  • User instructions

Legal & Business

  • Contracts and agreements
  • Litigation documents
  • Legal opinions, experts’ reports
  • Litigation claims
  • Corporate and business documents


  • Product inserts and marketing/advertising information
  • Training materials for marketing and advertising courses
  • Educational outreach campaigns
  • Travel websites

General Documents

  • Personal legal documents (e.g. birth, marriage, divorce, death certificates; driver’s license, etc.)
  • Academic and school transcripts
  • Genealogy


  • Film subtitling
  • Transcription and translation of audio and video content into Polish



  • Legal: court interpretation (arbitrations, trials), depositions, attorney-client meetings, Department of Homeland Security, immigration court
  • Medical: medical appointments, medical evaluations (also psychiatric), cooperation with health management companies (attending patients’ appointments, follow-up with case managers, etc.)


  • Conference interpretation
  • Town hall meetings
  • Trade fairs
  • Marketing and advertising courses
  • Seminars
  • Business negotiations
  • Multi-level marketing meetings
  • Webcasts

Family History Translation and Archival Research

a pile of old letters and postcards spread on a table

Long-forgotten secrets of family archives, revealed.

Have you ever wondered what your family archives hide? Letters written in the long-forgotten Polish? Documents issued by countries that no longer exist?

We have translated thousands of Polish letters and documents from the period around WWII. With excellent knowledge of history, professional European historians as consultants, and meticulous research, we can reveal forgotten details of generations long gone.

Are you curious about circumstances of your family’s immigration to America? Mysteries in complicated family trees?

We like the challenge of deciphering old handwriting, guessing the missing pieces, connecting the dots. From a few letters at the bottom of your drawer to boxes of papers in your basement that you’ve always wanted to explore but never had time, no job is too small or too big.

Voice Over & Voice Coaching

  • Voice Over: an array of projects, from corporate videos to online courses
  • Voice Coaching: we can provide voice coaching for a voice talent of your choice. Our voice coaching experience included working on Rosetta Stone® new edition of their popular Polish language course

Please contact us for voice samples.

Language Testing and Evaluation

  • Translation and Polish language skill assessments for various companies, based on many years of experience in grading American Translators Association certification exams

Multilingual Project Management

While we provide mostly Polish linguistic services, we also manage translation projects into multiple languages, with support from a network of excellent and trusted freelance translators and interpreters who meet our quality standards.  Because we minimize overhead, our prices are very competitive.
Contact us for further details about our services, prices and availability.

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